Going deeper

Prayer in good times and bad: going deeper

Five steps for praying when you’re overwhelmed

Sometimes life is so tough we struggle to find the words or reach out to God.  The Our Father and Hail Mary remain as gifts to us when we have no words to express ourselves.  Try saying a decade of the rosary if you’re anxious or stressed.  Another way is to give ourselves the time to be in God’s presence.  Here is a re-working of the examen for difficult times: https://bustedhalo.com/ministry-resources/5-steps-for-praying-when-youre-overwhelmed



Our calling in difficult times


Questions to ponder:

  1. Where do you feel God is when times are tough?
  2. What are some good ways you’ve found for connecting for God in difficult times?
  3. What opportunities do we have to live our lives according to the Prayer of St Francis, as bringers of peace?