Pathways of Prayer

Pathways of Prayer
January 16, 2017 admin
Pathway through marshes

Welcome to “Pathways of Prayer”

This initiative of the Diocese of Northampton has been re-edited for our 2021 world.  It was first produced for our Year of Prayer and Vocation in 2018.

Throughout the course, we hope you will be challenged, inspired and moved (to tears or laughter).  Prayer is the foundation of our Christian life, and without that essential connection to God we cannot grow and flourish as we should.

There are six sessions to the course, and each week has several different sections – different things to watch, listen to, read and reflect on.  Try and make time for the main resource in each section – the others are there for you to explore at your leisure. We recommend that you jot down your reflections in the course journal or other notebook and share what you have found in conversation with others – either in a parish group, or in the online group. Groups are great for support, for different perspectives, and for exploring difficult questions together.  If you can’t find a local group, you can join others from around the diocese and beyond in our online group on Monday evenings from 22nd February.  For more information and to book, click here.

We hope that this course will be a stepping stone on your spiritual journey – that you will find peace, comfort and time with God.


Walk this pathway: