Week Six: A Praying Community


Throughout this course, we have talked about many different types of prayer, but they have largely been private or individual prayer.  In our last session, we turn to praying together.  Ever since the Church came into being, Christians have been praying together, and over the centuries we have developed a whole set of tools to do this. The liturgy of the hours (also known as the Divine Office), explored in the last section, is one of these.  In ordinary times, we can come together for Adoration, praise and worship, prayer groups and much more.  Even more importantly, our homes are places where families can come together across the generations, and we teach our children to enter into the same beautiful relationship with God that we prize so much.

Through this pandemic time we have also discovered innovative ways of coming together.  From zoom praise and worship, and Facebook group rosaries to virtual pilgrimages, even when our churches closed, our prayer together did not stop. Prayer is the rocket fuel of our communities – when we pray, miracles happen.

If you have a few minutes, it would be very helpful to know how you have used this course, and what improvements we can make.  You can leave your ideas and comments here: Pathways of Prayer survey.