Week One: What is Prayer?


The first question we are going to ask on this course is “What is prayer?”  It’s a good question.  The Church has existed for two thousand years, and over that time, people have prayed in many, many different ways.  What does prayer look like for us, today?  For some of us, the way we were taught to pray as children is still important, although we may want to move on from that now.  For some of us, prayer is difficult as we don’t know what words to use, or we struggle to find the time.  Others may be looking for inspiration for new ways to pray.

Over the course of this session, we will be getting tips on prayer from some top experts, and starting to think about some of the big questions.  If you feel inspired by something you have seen or read, give it a go.  Prayer is about opening our lives to God, and once we do that, amazing things can happen.