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Frequently asked questions

General Questions

  • I’ve found a broken link – what do I do?

    Before launching this resource we have carefully checked that every link works and is suitable.  However, the internet changes constantly, so if you come across a broken link, please drop us an email on the address below.

  • Who can do the course?

    Anyone can do this course.  It’s based on videos and reflections, most of which are no longer than 10 minutes.  It would be suitable for Lent groups, prayer groups, first communion or confirmation parents, faith seeking or sharing groups, or any group looking to refresh their spirituality.  You could even challenge the choir to take part!

  • How do I start a group in my parish?

    You can register your group on the homepage.  You will then receive an email with more information about the course, and with some suggested text that you can forward on to other people who might like to take part.  We will send you a facilitator pack with all the information you need to run the course.  Make sure that all your group members register as individuals or they won’t be able to get at the course material.  And of course, make sure your parish priest is in the loop.

  • I don’t have a parish group – can I still do the course?

    We’ve designed this course so that everyone can take part.  If you’d like to do the course with people in your parish, have a chat with your parish priest about starting a group.  Alternatively, you can sign up to our online group – when you register as an individual, just click the “register for the online group” box.

  • Where is the course material?

    In order to find all the videos and other resources, you’ll need to register, either as a group leader or as an individual.  You will be sent a login, and you can use this to log into the main part of the site where all the weekly resources are kept.

For any other information, or to share feedback on the course, please contact