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Prayer is so important because it is food and drink to our spiritual lives.

Through prayer we bring to the Father our troubles and our joys, we remember that we are loved, and we return to our lives with our hearts strengthened, as Jesus himself showed us.  In these six sessions, we will explore the nature and purpose of prayer and how it fits into everyday life.  We will be reflecting on our own way of praying and how it may have changed over time, before considering together how our parishes and pastoral areas can help support us in growing as people of prayer.

For each weekly topic, there are different resources to read, watch and think about on the website.  You can explore these at any time that suits you through the week.  Then, once a week, meet with your local group to reflect on what you have learned.  They could be any kind of group: for example as a specially gathered Lent group, or an existing group, like a prayer group, a parenting group, or even the choir!  However, if you have no group in your parish, or just can’t get to church in the week, we have 40 spaces for individuals to register to take part in online groups, fully moderated.

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Bishop Peter’s invitation

Welcome to this special resource for our Year of Prayer and Vocation.  By deepening our commitment to prayer, we become open to God’s presence in prayer and learn to listen and respond to God’s call, to what God is asking of each one of us in our lives.

None of us finds prayer easy perhaps because we put the emphasis on our efforts rather than just leaving space and letting God be with us. The other obstacle is that we just do not have time though, strangely, we do find time to do what we want to do. So, let’s make time this year to be still and open our hearts to God.

Only then, with the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, faithful to the commandments and the teaching of the Church, can we discern God’s call in your life and in my life.

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“My hope is that there will be a wide participation in the course to deepen our Faith and to enrich the common life of our parishes as centres of mission and service.”